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Wed, Aug. 29th, 2007, 09:55 pm
yellowhorde: Summer Nights - Gen

Title: Summer Nights
Author: yellowhorde
Rating: G
Warning: None. General
Word Count: 100
Pairing or Characters Involved: Sam and Dean Winchester
Notes: This was written for the Insanejournal community, spn_100. Challenge #7‘Summer’

Summer, Sam thought as he stared into the campfire, was the smell of freshly cut grass, baseball games, hotdogs on the grill, family picnics and sparklers. At least it was for most normal people.

Beside him, Dean scanned the darkness for signs of the ghost they were hunting. Then, grinning, he pushed a half-empty bag of marshmallows in his direction. His own marshmallow was a blackened lump at the end of his stick, just the way he liked it. “Want one?”

“Sure, why not?”

This wasn’t normal… not exactly. But it was probably as close as he would ever get.